At TOAC we use Traditional Knowledge and our extensive network of highly skilled Indigenous professionals and cultural ambassadors to help both Indigenous and non-Indigenous businesses to thrive.

Non-Indigenous Businesses

Authentic Indigenous knowledge can add so much to the wellbeing of your business. We have been helping businesses build authentic and respectful relationships with Indigenous businesses and people for over twenty years.

Consultancy – We can facilitate effective participation, provide Indigenous input into programs, develop and manage relationships with Indigenous stakeholders, support client staff on any Indigenous briefs or concerns, provide advice on Traditional Knowledge and cultural protocols and other related activities and support as required.

Networks – We can help you connect with the right Indigenous touchpoints to gain cultural knowledge and value for your business. We can connect you with Ngunnawal people and other Indigenous people across Australia.

Recruitment – We can help you network to find the right Indigenous employee or consultant for your business.

Cultural Audit – Conducted by our team and a qualified ACT Auditor. Through a review process we provide feedback and assistance on how to move forward and meet your RAP deliverables in a meaningful way.

Cultural Survey – TOAC has developed a Cultural Survey which provides employees the opportunity to anonymously talk about their cultural learning journey and their workplace’s cultural engagement. Such as, the cultural environment and opportunities their organisation is providing, what more they would like to be done etc.



Indigenous Businesses

We specialise in connecting Indigenous people and businesses with each other and the broader community to improve their lives and enrich our wider society.

Enablers – We provide you and your Indigenous organisations with support, representation and promotion opportunities.

Facilitators – We connect your Indigenous business with the right networks to help compete with Non-Indigenous businesses.