Cultural Retainers

Improving cultural awareness and sensitivity doesn’t happen overnight. There is a need for ongoing review and consultation to help each organisation to bring about genuine change. This helps them to fulfil their agreements, raising trust and credibility.

At TOAC, we are experienced in providing ongoing support and advice as you implement new initiatives to improve the cultural awareness within your organisation.

We do this in several ways:

  1. Contract Engagement
  2. Reconciliation Action Plans (RAPs)
  3. Cultural Attaché

Contract Engagement

We help businesses and government organisations meet their Indigenous employee consultation targets by making sure they are compliant and reliable.

Reconciliation Action Plan (RAPs)

A key part of creating real organisational change is forming a Reconciliation Action Plan, or RAP. We have a firm understanding of the components and applications required for you to successfully implement a meaningful RAP within your organisational structure. Many of the organisations we work with may have already started on this journey but value the added support. We also review current RAP’s that are in place but are not working well.

For those who are not ready to make a full commitment to enacting a RAP, we help ensure your workplace is culturally aware of our shared Indigenous history and is an attractive place of employment for Indigenous people.

  • We work with your organisation to develop a RAP
  • We support the implementation of the RAP
  • We can provide an independent certified audit of an organisation’s RAP

Cultural Attaché

The Indigenous community is a fundamental part of the fabric of Australian society. Having a Cultural Attaché can give your organisation a greater understanding of culture and effective engagement strategies. These are vital for success in any initiative that involves Indigenous business, community or individuals.

Our Cultural Attaché is engaged by you in an ongoing basis. We provide an enhanced environment for success for any Indigenous company or individual that is engaged by your organisation. We also advance Reconciliation in a real and practical way through ongoing support, audits, relationship building, recommendations and ongoing advice on Traditional Knowledge and cultural protocols.